Providing a rich and secure sleep environment for the newborn

How can I help my baby sleep well?

The nurtureOne nesting cushion is an ideal sensory environment for the newborn, allowing for a smooth transition from feeding to crib. The safe and portable cushion is the answer to every parent’s question. How can I help my baby sleep well?

A Sensory Developmental approach

Prior to birth, a baby′s environment is dark, quiet and contained. And for the first few months after birth, a newborn thrives when a similar environment is created that provides the same sense of calm and security that they felt in the womb.

The nurtureOne nesting cushion provides your baby with the ideal sensory needs for sleep while promoting development by allowing movement and self soothing to occur.

Jenny Spiro

Co-Founder of nurturOne
nurtureOne Nesting Cushion


Assists in sustaining good sleeping patterns

Reduces unnecessary stress

Promotes containment and a sense of calmness

Provides boundaries in the bed

Regulates body temperature

Allows a smooth transition from breast/bottle to crib


Heather Wood

Thula Baby Clinic
I have been using and demonstrating the benefits of the nurtureOne Nesting Cushion for nine years now, and it has become an essential tool for me in teaching new parents to settle both contented and fussy babies. It is so much more comfortable as a sleeping mattress than the standard hard mattresses and wedges, and enables parents to transfer a settled baby, out of arms and into their cot/place of sleep. My parents are delighted and relieved at how much better their babies sleep, and it empowers them enormously. Importantly, too, it is safe.

Dr. Anna Keating

Leading Child Chiropractor
Newborns are particularly sensitive. They crave to be enveloped, warm and snug: all the things that remind them of the womb. I have worked successfully over the years with the nurtureOne cushion, particularly for those colicky, fussy babies who have difficulty settling to sleep. In my opinion 'a must' for all newborn babies!

Tereza Whittaker

All three of my babies used the cushion for most of their first year. It is a wonderful sleep aid, letting you put your tiny baby to sleep on her side safely. It snuggles and holds the baby so that putting them down to sleep is easier. You can pick up the whole bundle, baby and cushion, if you need to move to another room. Also great for taking out at night, so their familiar bed is with them. I even used it in my pram. Definitely would recommend for all parents and babies.

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